"I have found Di's crystal healings to be a fulfilling experience, with each healing leaving me relaxed and energised. Through a sequence of healings Di has been able to identify and treat my physical ailment while guiding me to release and understand the underlying problem. This has allowed me to move forward on my pathway with a much clearer understanding of the beauty of the universe and my infinite power. I thoroughly recommend Di's crystal healings as an uplifiting and positive contribution to your life."

- Sue, Cairns

"I've searched the country high and low searching for genuine healers and have found Di to be one of the best. It only took me one session with her."

- Greg, Cairns

"Even after only one treatment with Di, I felt so deeply relaxed when the session was over. At the time I was feeling lethargic and unable to paint – which is incredibly important as I am an artist. By the following day I felt my energy levels increase significantly and continue to do so. Within 24 hours I was back in my studio. I felt energetic and inspired! It was an incredible experience that I would recommend to absolutely anyone and I will continue to return."

- Angie, Cairns

"In only two treatments, Di cleared many issues that were having an impact on my health. Given I have bipolar, clearing these blockages was even more critical.  I have never been treated with crystals by an energy healer before, and felt this was most productive.  I would recommend Di to anyone who is seeking to improve their health through alternative healing."

- Stuart, Rockhampton


"I found my chakra balancing and crystal healing with Di to be an incredibly relaxing and deeply satisfying experience. Whilst I was in a very deeply relaxed state I could feel the crystals being placed along my body and feel the movements in my energy. At one stage I felt a kind of “whoosh” run through me and felt as though any negative energy had left my body. Afterward I felt calm and peaceful and centred. I thoroughly recommend Di’s Healing Room to everyone!"

- Chantal, Cairns

"Having a Crystal therapy session with Di is a beautiful, relaxing and thoroughly energising experience! I have had a few sessions with Di and after each of them I feel my mind clear, my body relax and more prepared to deal with life’s stresses. On a couple of occasion Di has been able to completely clear a severe headache within just a few minutes which is far more preferable than taking pain killers. I would highly recommend having a crystal therapy session with Di!!"

- Tracey, Cairns

"I have been having chakra balancing and crystal healing sessions with Di for over a year.  When I decided to try this alternative therapy I was feeling ill, couldn’t sleep, was depressed and continually anxious.  I felt as though I was becoming a prescription junkie.

Di herself is so kind and compassionate.  She never made me feel inept in any way because I wasn’t getting a grip on my life.  She listened to me.  She explained to me how her energetic healings and chakra balancing worked.  Each session she was able to offer me more insight which she delivered in a very loving and open way.

At first I was seeing Di weekly and the changes were immense.  Then my visits got to fortnightly and now I do monthly maintenance visits unless I feel as though I would like an extra visit in between.

I am a new person.  I see life in a far more positive light.  I laugh often.  My illnesses have disappeared along with the prescription drugs.  And feeling depressed feels as though it was a black tunnel I have long since walked through.  Life will always have its ups and downs but now I feel as though they are just normal ones.  I am not caught up in fear and anxiety and sleeplessness and illness.  Thank you Di!

All I can say is if you want to feel better, if you want your life back then make an appointment right now!  Don’t think about it......just go for it!"