Energetic Healing...

Energetic healings are known by a number of names such as Spiritual Healing, Clairvoyant Healing and Vibrational Healing.  Basically, the Healing, by any of these names means it is therapeutic in some way to the emotional, mental and physical self. 

Clients come to the practitioner for a number of reasons.  These may be for physical issues, such as headaches or a particular ache or pain.  Or for emotional issues such as grief.  Mental issues such as anxiety or depression.   Each practitioner will have their own way of working with the energy to help the client feel better and produce the desired result. 

Science and mainstream medicine are now recognising that disease (dis/ease – meaning not at ease) is the body manifesting physical conditions that have their root in some type of emotional trauma.  This why meditation is now becoming popularly accepted – it relaxes the mind and emotions and the body. 

Like meditation, healing treatments are subtle and very relaxing.   The practitioner may touch the client’s body during the healing process or hold their hands a few inches away from the client’s body.  At all times the client will be made to feel comfortable and safe.  Practitioners should always describe to their client what process they will be following before the healing starts and they should always ask the client if they dislike being touched so that the client feels comfortable throughout the healing process.

In our busy world today with so much pressure to work and succeed and be and do, it is so easy to become disconnected from our spiritual source.  Apart from any other outcome, people who undergo energetic, or spiritual healings begin to reconnect with that spiritual source through the opening up of their energy centres.  All of my clients have indicated they felt lighter, more loving, and happier after healings.  For some this happens after the very first healing, for others it takes a series of 2 or 3 healings before this occurs. 

These healings invoke something that is intangible (i.e energy or light) and which is both subtle and powerful.  It is like old energy leaves opening the way for new energy to enter.  Kind of like discarding the tattered clothes we have been wearing year after year and donning a new outfit.

And when we feel new, we think new.  And when we think new we act new.  And we are new.

Written by Dianne Maujean