Colour Therapy...

Colours can have an incredible effect on the body, the mind and the spirit.  They can calm, relax, inspire, excite or depress.

Experimentation has been done over the years that proves exposure to certain colours can change the physiology of a person.

A person’s mental or emotional state will also often be evident in the colours that they choose to wear or surround themselves with.  We all know that it has been generally accepted in society that widows wear black.  Why?  Because black is indicative of an absence of light.  With the passing of a loved one people feel a lack of light in their lives.

The colours of the rainbow are the colours that are also represented in the chakra points of the human body.  Colour makes up the energy fields around the body – the physical energy field, the etheric, the emotional or astral body, the intuitive energy field or higher mental body, the spirit energy field known as the inner spirit body, and the spirit energy field known as the middle spirit body or psychic energy aura and the the outer spirit aura or higher spirit energy body.  These energy fields are, or auric layers, are represented in colours.

The aura is a suble but luminous emanation which surrounds any structure such as the physical body providing a protective field.  The magnitude, density and colours of that auric field are relative to the spiritual development of that which it surrounds.  Auras and chakras are directly related so the colours reflected in the aura and the energy centres of the body (chakras) correspond.

Colour can be used as a very powerful healing tool.  Science says that colour waves are absorbed by the photoreceptors in the retina of the eye, and are converted into electrical energy which has a stimulating effect on the adrenal and pituitary glands.  At times, when the body becomes distressed, changes in the colour of skin can be detected.  For centuries phrases like “pale with fatigue” or “red with embarrassment” or “grey with shock” have been used.  Because this colour hook up to our physiology was detected long ago.

A very quick colour association is as follows:

It is helpful to those suffering from lethargy, anaemia,  depression.

It can help clear the mind of confusion, also assist with fatigue and depression as well as stimulate the immune system.

It can be used to sharpen mental awareness and the memory.  Assists in healing skin problems.

It can be used to calm.  It can stimulate fertility and is helpful for migraines, stress and digestive upsets associated with anxiety.

It can be used to promote relaxation and communication.  It has a cooling effect and can help lower blood pressure.  Aids in healing stress and itching.

It allows for psychic expansion, promotes day dreaming and restores balance.  It can be used to treat things like obsessions and emotional instability.

When choosing clothing, painting walls, putting up artwork, preparing food, choosing lighting always ensure that you choose colours that will have the most positive effect on your daily life and activities.  Having said that, if you are feeling down you probably won’t feel like wearing  a vibrant red or a calming blue and so therefore won’t feel comfortable putting something on that colour.  If that is the case, just ensure that you carry a scarf or a handbag or maybe wear a pair of shoes in a bright vibrant colour.

When preparing and presenting food, make an effort to enhance the look of the dish with with greens and oranges and where applicable, red.  Ensure the colours complement the evening so that eating a meal is an enjoyment.  And if you are eating greens and oranges, you will be healthier too!

Lights too can change moods. Red lights will enhance activity (hence the old adage of the red lights outside certain houses of the night), orange will increase appetite and green creates a sense of harmony.

Understanding how colour can play a vital role  will enhance your wellbeing leading to a far healthier and happier life.

Written by Dianne Maujean