Chakra Balancing...

Whilst Energetic Healing (or Spiritual Healing) is now becoming more accepted in western civilisation as a way of helping people feel better and overcome physical, mental and emotional problems, chakra balancing as a treatment style within these modalities is also becoming more understood and accepted.

There are seven major chakra points within the human body.  These are the Crown Chakra, Brow (or 3rd Eye) Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra.  Each of these chakra points governs organs within a region of the body.
When chakras become stressed or blocked, there can be a negative association within certain organs and these blocked chakras can also contribute toward negative emotional states like anxiety and depression.  Blocked or stressed chakra points also close down our ability to connect with the spiritual source. In simple terms, blocked chakra points means the energy is not flowing through in an easy and efficient manner.

Practitioners, like myself, who work on clearing and energising chakras see amazing effects on our clients.  These effects are often immediate, or sometimes it can take up to a week before the full results are evident, and then it is like the Life Force returns to these people.  I had one client recently who was so sick before coming for treatment that she could barely lift herself off the couch.  She had gone through several medical conditions one after the other and her body was simply depleted.  After the second treatment she began feeling much better.  By the third treatment she was back to being her old self, laughing, smiling, exercising and by the 5th treatment she had all of her energy back and was living life to the full again.   During the course of these treatments I was given information which came to me intuitively as to what dietary changes she should make that week.  Each time I told her what had been told to me and each time she made those changes.  That certainly helped her in getting back on her feet again.

Her chakra points were severely blocked which may have caused her illness, or come about as a result of her illness.   As I unblocked them and the energy flowed freely again the effects on her body and her spirit were remarkable.

Chakra balancing treatments are very easy on the client.  He or she, is made to feel comfortable and safe and the treatment is described before any healing begins.  The client lies on their back on a massage table fully clothed.  Using my hands, usually held just above the client’s body, but in some cases lightly touching the clients body, I am able to channel energy and light where it needs to go within the client’s body.  The treatment is deeply relaxing for the client.

I have had the uplifting experience of seeing many nagging conditions healed through this modality.

Written by Dianne Maujean